Thank you for visiting the future website of Shomer & Associates.

Every hour you spend, every phone call you make, has a cash value to your organization or company.
The Shomer team frees you from the worries of  micro-managing your brand presence, media production, live event production
and other marketing needs, giving you back valuable time to pursue your fund raising and business growth.

The Shomer team possesses a broad range of technical expertise and strong management skills.
Services offered can be turn-key brand identification, including video production, web design and PR consultation to multi city
live event implementation and management.  Or you may utilize category specific services, depending on your specific need.
Shomer’s broad network of experts in every facet of production, assure that your particular vision is handled with care.
For each project, Shomer expands the base team through reliable and talented independent contractors, to create the perfect team for you.
This low overhead approach to our business, assures you a controlled budget all the way.


11151 Hortense St. | West Toluca Lake, CA 91602
Phone/Fax: 818.763.9320